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Mark converted an American school bus from Arizona it in to a food truck serving fresh low and slow BBQ food in Manchester. EPIC!

Here’s how he made this amazing looking grilled cheese sandwich:

“I use shaved rump, I dust it with paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper, fry off 1 minutes on both sides, slice into strips, butter both sides of sliced bread cover with strong cheddar and mont jack, when making the sandwich weigh down with griddle press toast till the cheese starts to oozing”


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Thanks to Tabi for letting me reporduce her recipe here, please checkout her blog:

and her twitter:

Today (8th May 2016) marks to start of British Sandwich Week and that’s also day 8’s prompt on #BEDM, so I thought I’d share my favourite toastie recipe of all time. I often make variations of this recipe and it’s totally delicious!

Serves: 1


  1. 2 slices of your favourite bread – I like homemade white bread or multigrain seeded.
  2. Butter/spread – I butter the bread lightly and this makes the toastie crispy , golden and delicious.
  3. Your favourite cheese – I use a mix of sliced mozzarella and a mature cheddar for a full flavour that melts into gooey stringy loveliness.
  4. Caramelised onion – You can cook your own or use from a jar.
  5. Lashings of your favourite tomato chutney – Asda make a lovely chutneys in their Extra Special range – these make incredible variations. Likewise, The English Provender Co. make exceedingly good chutneys.
  6. Finally scatter with basil leaves – I’ve also used watercress and baby spinach.
    Pop on its bread lid and toast in a Panini press, or cook each side in a pan until golden and the cheese has melted.
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